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The Patrol Eyes HD has 3 indicators (vibration, LED light and sound) to confirm start/stop of recordings and has a built in watermarks that cannot be tampered with.

After testing the Patroleyes HD camera we found it takes excellent quality video as well as audio.

The Patrol Eyes HD Body Camera by Stunt Cams is a body worn, high-definition, video recorder for law enforcement with true HD 1080p recording.

With its 140 degree wide angle lens or 170 degree in 480p mode and 16GB or 32GB of storage, it can capture hours of footage.

We utilize the camera for a number of applications from inspections to suspect encounters and it has performed perfectly.

Dave Padula - Fire Marshal - Guadalupe County What an outstanding piece of equipment, my officers are so impressed with the cam they don’t want to turn it over to each other.

With the press of a single button, recording can start even when the camera is turned off.

The built in LCD allows you to review videos, photos or audio recordings in the field.

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Even if you have a really interesting subject and you follow the most important composition guidelines, you still need to find that unique and interesting angle to really make your photo shine.

We liked the aspect that the camera vibrates when activated and also displays a red light when recording.

The camera allows officers to keep their eyes on the suspect and know that the camera is recording. The ability to take photos is another valuable option.

However, I was able to balance this image by walking closer to the tree so that the shadow is also included in the composition.

Now the tree takes up the top and central parts of the image, the mountain is in the central part, and the shadow fills up the bottom third of the image.

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