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AFAIK, the OST file gets stored in the users profile, and subsequently, if you have quotas in place, it could be that the user is reaching his/her limit.

If managing Active Directory using Windows Powershell® is making you feel like you stepped back in time, you are not alone.

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Once you do this, the new email address can be used to log in to your account and your previous address can no longer be used.

You cannot add an address that is already associated with a Vimeo account.

Then starting 4/5, I have not received another e-mail. It states it is connecting, then for a split second it tries to send a message, then goes right back to connecting. You need to first rename files, once your rename the files you should be able to view your email content in MSN.

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Also, every time I get mail I also get a message that says: BREW:104F4BC... If you want to use an email that is already registered to another account, you'll either need to delete the other account or change the email on that account first.✦ Deleting your email address If you want to remove your account and email address from Vimeo, you can delete your account.If you delete your account, the email address associated with it can then be used for another Vimeo account if you wish.✦ Using secondary email addresses In the past, Vimeo supported a functionality that allowed users to add multiple login emails to an account.Dear Experts, I have an exchange 2010 server and an outlook 2010 client. reinstall outlook itself and take a backup of the mailbox once reinstalled, only open the pst backup rather than connect directly to the exchange so that you can confirm outlook itself is working with no hidden popups or messages then re-create the profile for the user and sync their email etc What file system type is Outlook running on? Also, if you are running Windows 7 (not sure about previous versions), then the local machine ALSO has it's own limits on user profile sizes even if the domain doesn't.recently, whenever outlook is open, the status bar says "updating inbox (3.99GB)" . So far I have: - deleted the ost file and let it rebuild - disabled all add-ons for Outlook - removed the outlook profile completely and let everything rebuild - taken a brand new laptop and setup it all up from scratch - disabled the AV on exchange server and client pc None of the above steps changed anything. Windows 7 pro x64, NTFS and theres no local quotas. I've googled around a bit and others have posted the EXACT same issue on other forums but no real answers have been found.

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