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The teller told Mc Lellan's niece, who usually handled L&M Convenience Mart's deposits, she could save the bank burdensome paperwork by keeping the deposits below ,000, the reporting threshold. Once Koskinen's position came to the attention of Steve West, the federal prosecutor handling the case, the government apologized and gave Mc Lellan his money back. Actually, West was pissed off that someone had dared to share documents from the case with members of Congress. But in this case, the seizure had already happened, and the government had provided the documents to Mc Lellan.Based on the resulting pattern of deposits, the IRS cleaned out Mc Lellan's bank account a year ago, even though there was no evidence that the money came from anything other than his perfectly legal business, which combines a store with a gas station and restaurant. After Mc Lellan and his accountant emailed West video of Holding's exchange with Koskinen, the prosecutor responded with a rebuke: I'm a bit concerned. "Sealed filings are intended to promote legitimate law enforcement interests," I. says, "to allow prosecutors to evade public scrutiny." And it's more than a little unseemly for a prosecutor to imply that the bad feelings caused by such scrutiny might affect the outcome of a case. "It took me 13 years to save that much money," he says, "and it took fewer than 13 seconds for the government to take it away." Here is I.The RBA has since issued a statement admitting to detecting attacks but has classified them as mere “virus attacks”.Here's what the RBA had to say: “As reported in today's media, the Bank has on occasion been the target of cyber attacks.

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He highly lauded Bangladesh's progress in the field of economy under the leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina saying his country is keenly waiting to strengthen cooperation with Bangladesh in a number of fields particularly in water management, agriculture and climate change.

That “prize” goes to the Russian Federation, followed by “rogue” Chinese province/democratic Chinese breakaway state Taiwan.

Bangladesh and Hungary signed three Memorandums of Understanding (Mo Us) for boosting cooperation in different fields.

The Reserve Bank (RBA) is Australia's central bank and has functions broadly comparable to those of the Bank of England or the US Federal Reserve.

The AFR report mentions hacks on France that resulted in several thousand confidential documents supposedly making their way in the general direction of China, but does not say if Australian documents were lost.

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