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Exudative macular changes, such as exudative retinal detachment or cystoid macular edema, may occur in cases of vasoproliferative lesions and may lead to visual function impairment.


Exudates are the results of continuous production of inflammatory response and may be of different nature: catarrhal (typical from mucous surfaces as skin), supurative (if predominantly neutrophil cells), fibrinous (if there is high leakage of fibrinogen from capillaries), or serous (abundant watery exudate in peritoneal or pericardial cavities).

Three stages are based on the severity of the retinal features: (1) peripheral nonperfusion, especially temporally; (2) localized tractional retinal detachment, exudation, and neovascularization, and (3) more extensive tractional, exudative and rhegmatogenous detachments.

Fluorescein angiography shows areas of nonperfusion and leakage.

Keratin is the key structural material making up the outermost layer of our skin.

In addition to its vital role as a physical structure, research into keratin function at some of the world's leading medical universities has identified the crucial biological role that keratin proteins play in the wound healing process.

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