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Perhaps Alex will come to let go of his pride and help Jo with her divorce. The ABC series' fondness for distressing plots, however, will surely show at least an episode where Paul will stalk and abuse Jo again until Alex puts a stop to the cycle.Meanwhile, Alex's best friend, Meredith (Ellen Pompeo), will also face some tough times, especially now that Nathan's (Martin Henderson) missing girlfriend is back.Keith decided to try and set the fire sprinklers off so they could escape, but after much anticipation, Stephanie decided to light Keith on fire herself after dousing him in alcohol so they could be freed.

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Jo has been running away from her abusive spouse, Paul (Matthew Morrison), for the longest time.

When the latter got wind of the fact that Megan was alive and well, he told Meredith he must see her.

Meredith gave her permission, but it was clear she was scared.

The dramatic storyline later just really made her exit official, but for a different reason.

After all that, we saw Stephanie in a hospital bed recovering from her minor injuries.

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