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If the papilledema has been longstanding, visual fields may be constricted and visual acuity may be decreased.

Visual field testing by automated (Humphrey) perimetry is recommended as other methods of testing may be less accurate.

The pain may also be experienced in the neck and shoulders.

The increased pressure leads to compression and traction of the cranial nerves, a group of nerves that arise from the brain stem and supply the face and neck.

The most common symptom of IIH is headache, which occurs in almost all (92–94%) cases.

in phase contrast MRA studies have quantified cerebral blood flow (CBF) in vivo and suggests that CBF is abnormally elevated in many patients with IIH.Most commonly, the abducens nerve (sixth nerve) is involved.This nerve supplies the muscle that pulls the eye outward.However, there is no experimental data that supports a role for this process in IIH.The second theory posits that either increased blood flow to the brain or increase in the brain tissue itself may result in the raised pressure.

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