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A 2008 article on admissions sabotage featured representatives from elite schools such as Ohio State University, Notre Dame, and the University of Chicago debating whether to put stock in accusatory letters that sometimes looked more like blackmail notes than official correspondence.

“If it is more competitive than before, then perhaps more of it is going on,” said one.

“People are willing to lie in order to do better in what they consider to be a difficult competition.” The natural response to a treacherous online landscape might be for parents to impose a social media blackout.

But that’s no solution, says John David, a Florida-based public relations consultant and columnist.

You could almost think of it as admissions sabotage: ‘Hey, you might want to check out so-and-so.’ ”occurred in 2013, when poison pen letters were sent to several colleges alleging misconduct against a senior from New York City’s ultra-posh Horace Mann School.

You may have this desire to circle the wagons and cover your kid — but at some point, they’re going to be out on their own, operating in the world.”the creation of specialty reputation-scrubbing software named … There are also reports of some college applicants maintaining multiple Facebook accounts for the benefit of admissions office voyeurs. Nothing terrible, nothing illegal, but I’m glad it’s not coming up when I’m being checked out by a prospective client.”Though Harvard drew a firm line on internet offenses, some university authorities take a longer view.

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series of jokes and memes that mocked suicide, child abuse, and the Holocaust — was posted in an invitation-only chat that had spun off from Harvard’s Facebook group for incoming freshmen.

But the forum proved to be less private than its participants assumed, and when word got back to university administrators, they quickly rescinded admission.

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