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As this article demonstrates, technology is linked with the parameters of leisure and with the recreational activities themselves.Leisure time constitutes a period of free time that may be spent in any manner one chooses.It provides a framework for a very wide scope of individual leisure activities: from pro-active to passive pursuits; from personal productivity to ostentatious consumption; from relaxing, quiet activities at home such as reading to making music and attending and/or throwing techno parties; from indoor activities such as watching TV or playing computer games to going to restaurants, fairs and museums; and, finally, from shopping and participating in outdoor sports to space tourism.These are activities that occur in very different contexts and circumstances, some of which can only be undertaken with the aid of some type of technology.The pedagogue Friedrich Fröbel (1782–1852) also uses the term "Freizeit" in this context, but in the sense of a break, or holiday, from regular instruction.After several months, teachers and students require a period of time, "wo der Gebrauch derselben für sie von der gewöhnlichen und strengen [Unterrichts-]Folge losgesprochen und ihnen zur Anwendung nach ihren persönlichen und individuellen Bedürfnissen freigegeben ist" ("whose use is freed from the ordinary and strict sequence of instruction and instead made available for personal and individual needs").

Has presented scientific and practical papers on apitherapy and related methods to more than one hundred conferences, seminars or workshops , in the following 47 countries (see below some of these conferences, in alphabetically order of countries):* Buenos Aires (May 15, 1998; June 23-rd. 21-25, 2011, two oral papers presented during the 42-Nd.In an essay from 1861, Wichard Lange (1826–1884), director of a Realschule (secondary school) uses the concept of "Freizeit" to stress the importance of promoting student concentration by having breaks.After each lesson, students should be able to "[sich] frei ergehen und austummeln [können]" ("indulge themselves and let off steam").This has occurred because the gains in productivity resulting from technology's use have led to an increase in time and money, the principal commodities that make participation in leisure possible.Whether watching TV at home or taking a holiday flight, leisure-time activities have been increasingly influenced by technology.

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