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Experience tells us we talk to someone—a friend, spouse, colleague, a mental healthcare professional—who can help us figure out the best way to tackle the situation.Sometimes the answer we arrive at simply is to sit back and let the situation pass.How parents talk with their kids and teens will vary slightly by age depending on the topic being discussed.These tips will help you start that journey with your family.Part of Do Something’s success involves the way in which they keep kids connected with the cause: text message.The average teen sends and receives around 4,000 texts per month with an open rate of over 96%.Crisis Text Line is also utilizing Big Data to improve our understanding of child and adolescent mental health epidemiology.

Everyone at some time in his or her own life experiences sadness, anxiety, despair, fear and embarrassment. But what do we do when these stressors become too hard to bear?

The Problem of “Sexting”“Sexting” refers to sending a text message with pictures of children or teens that are inappropriate, naked or engaged in sex acts.

According to a recent survey, about 20 percent of teen boys and girls have sent such messages.

Lublin realized that the best way to keep kids connected to various causes was to send out regular text message reminders. After reading that message, Lublin realized she had to do something, and started Crisis Text Line.

But after a few weeks of sending out text messages, the site began to receive text message replies. The service works much like a traditional support hotline: experienced, accredited counselors stand by waiting for individuals to call out for help.

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