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Using only the slightest of narrative structures, we follow three aimless suburban stoner frat-punks for a year of sex, drugs and, oddly, not a single note of ‘Dookie.’ Employing no sense of humor or irony, “American Idiot” celebrates malaise, addiction and misdirected anger by the generation that rose up in affluent ambivalence during the senior Bush’s presidency.” . The show runs 1 hour, 40 minutes with no intermission. The couple first saw the property when it was in the midst of a renovation; the hotel closed its doors for a multi-million dollar, four-year overhaul under new ownership, and was forced to delay its re-opening following a fire last January."We first saw the garden while the hotel was under construction, but even then, we knew it was the place we wanted to be married" the bride recalled.

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While he was treading water and I [was] basking in the sun, he opened up his palm to reveal the ring.

The couple decided to host a welcome dinner for guests the evening of their arrival in the center of the city, a rehearsal dinner at the Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature, followed by a ceremony, reception and a post-nuptial brunch at the historic Ritz.

"I wanted each event to feel like it was telling a story, as if the guest had opened up a fairytale and were experiencing a new chapter each day.

To simply get married there would have been enough, but the Jacksons became the first couple to wed at the iconic Ritz Paris since its re-opening in June 2016.

Planning the ultimate Parisian wedding is no small feat, and Olivia enlisted the help of renowned planner Sofia Crokos to execute the perfect wedding weekend in the City of Light.

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