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Online dating services can be free, partially free, or paid.It depends on the audience you aim to reach and on your money making plan.You should give users what they need in the first second: a search box, profile settings, users’ database, image galleries, chat, etc.

The culture is only one aspect that plays a vital role in color choice.

Youth is excited about love adventures and many teens have fun through talking to new people, meeting new friends and falling in love seriously or not.

The senior audience has another reason to enter a dating website.

When you are creating your dating services website with much multimedia, plan the galleries design carefully. A search tool is the most useful element on your website for visitors. Many of them know definitely what they need (or who they need to be exact), so advanced search is a must. The meaning of colors varies greatly from culture to culture, and you must think of it right after you determine your target audience.

I would better illustrate: red is used in wedding ceremonies in India, but is a mourning color in South Africa.

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